Spy Hunter

A turbo-charged espionage thriller!

The object of the game is to drive down roads in the technologically advanced "Interceptor" car and destroy various enemy vehicles with a variety of onboard weapons.

Originally the game was to be based directly on James Bond and have the James Bond theme as in-game music, but the license could not be acquired.

How to Play

The bad spies drive blue cars that resemble '57 Chevies. They can disable the player with wheel-mounted spikes. These make the player spin out and explode. The player can shoot these enemies from behind with grill-mounted machine guns or ram them off the road assuming their spikes are not deployed. Other enemies, called 'Bullies', drive armoured cars that try to ram you off the road. The machine guns are ineffective, but they can be rammed. The boss bad guy drives a limo and attempts to pull up beside you and shoot you with a shotgun. This limo can be gunned down or rammed.

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