House of the Dead 4



Gun Shaking Combat. Deluxe!

“He’s still alive? What the heck is this? It can’t be happening!” Three years after the Goldman Case, watch as the nightmare returns. An earthquake shakes the room, the walls decompose, and it re-opens the door to THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD.

  • 2 Player
  • Gun Game
A special version of the game was released with a rotating seat, which hurls the players around to a second screen when they are attacked from behind.


Released in 2006, The House of the Dead 4 is the fourth game in SEGA’s horror-inspired shooter series and the first arcade light gun game to feature a high-definition display. You play as AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green, when during an investigation you are attacked by hordes of the rotting undead and forced to make a tense escape through the sewers.

With an impressive number of zombies and creatures on screen at one time, and realistic visual effects, House of the Dead 4 seethes in a level of detail unseen in any other light gun game of the time. One of the new additions to the series is the frequent need to shake your gun, both to reload and when you are attacked by enemies. A bar on screen shows how close you are to evading the enemy, and it is satisfying when you manage to shake them off without taking damage.

As well as the intensity of the action, the game also excels in its voice-overs and storytelling sequences, which are fast-paced and serve to deepen the nightmare. Multiple endings can be unlocked depending on how well you perform throughout the game, one of many reasons to gamble your fate in another violent struggle with the undead.

How to Play

Aim your light gun at the enemy and pull the trigger.

Shake your gun to loosen it if you’re grabbed by the undead.

Use grenades against large groups of enemies to take them down.

Shoot the screen to choose your path. You’re bound to no single destiny.

If you get pushed down, shoot the enemies around you.

Shoot crates in the environment for grenades and other bonus items.

Look out for the bosses’ weak points. They’re huge and can only be defeated with skill and accuracy.

Hold your fire during cutscenes and try to figure out what the hell is going on.

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