Super Hang On



Your passport to the world of racing adventure!

Super Hang-On (スーパーハングオン) is a motorcycle racing arcade game released by Sega, and the sequel to the acclaimed Hang-On.

  • 1 Player
  • Racing
Originally, the game had billboards with ad endorsements for companies such as Marlboro cigarettes and Bridgestone tires. The cigarette ads were censored for the home versions.

How to Play

There's only one real objective to Hang-On: Just race to finish the course before the time limit, avoiding other racers, billboards, rocks and the like. If the player runs into objects in the side of the road, the bike flips and then explodes, and you're force to catch back up to speed once you gain back control. Along the way, you pass by checkpoints that will increase your time limit, with the background changing from mountains to plains to a city.

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