Thunder Blade



Jet Helicopter Simulator Videogame!

The player controls a helicopter using guns and missiles to destroy enemy tanks, helicopters, etc., to save his home country. Levels are in both a top-down or third-person perspective view. The boss levels are in the top-down view.

  • 1 Player
  • Shooter
The title screen is a digitised still from Roy Schneider’s movie "Blue Thunder"


Using the vibrating joystick, fly your chopper through different stages of combat. Over land, you fly through a city, canyon or industrial zone obliterating enemy choppers and tanks.

How to Play

Your arsenal includes both a machine gun and missiles, both of which have unlimited ammo – the only difference is their attack range. In addition to moving left and right, you can also raise or lower your altitude, scaling the ground back and forth.

The helicopter has constant momentum going forward – although technically you can’t move forwards and backwards within the visible playing field, you can alter your speed, which includes a super fast turbo mode.

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