Time Pilot



If you have ever dreamed of a journey through time, now is your chance

You are the time pilot. The barriers of time are at your fingertips. Ease up on the eight-way joystick. Move through the blustery clouds while you race against the brilliant sky. Test your fire power ...accelerate to Mach 1... Mach 2...

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter
Yoshiki Okamoto's proposal for Time Pilot was initially rejected by his boss at Konami, who assigned Okamoto to work on a driving game instead. Okamoto secretly gave instructions to his programmer to work on his idea, while pretending to be working on a driving game in case his boss asked about his progress. When Time Pilot was a success, Okamoto's boss claimed credit for Okamoto's idea.


Prepare for fierce aerial combat with aircraft that span the years since the dawn of aviation. Your timeship's first encounter is with ancient 1910 biplanes; you're outnumbered, but your weapons are superior. Eliminate the entire air fleet; then knock out a mighty zeppelin and you'll progress to the next stage: 1940 monoplanes. These World War II fighters present a tougher challenge, and if you can defeat them, you'll move on to 1970 helicopters. Down the choppers and warp ahead to meet 1983 super jets. If you find a way to beat them, you'll cross the final barrier and head into the future for a deep-space duel with deadly flying saucers from the year 2001!

How to Play

Time Pilot is one of those games that if you've played, you love. It featured a ship in the centre that you could rotate around and semi continual firing. It featured five levels and lots of clouds floating around which were a bit obstructive but looked cool, especially when they went at different speeds to give a simple illusion of depth. Although they turned into asteroids for the space level. You had to kill 56 enemy air ships before the boss would appear. In addition to little yellow bullets, enemies also had non-linear missiles which could get rather nasty. Destroying the boss (even by suicide) would get you to the next and tougher level. Bosses were mixed in with the rest of the brouhaha and actually weren’t all that tough, but they sure looked that way

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