Zoo Keeper

Everyone's game for Zookeeper

Zoo Keeper is a superb, fast-paced arcade game in which the player takes control of Zeke the zookeeper. Many of the animals at Zeke's zoo are running wild and have captured Zeke's girlfriend, Zelda. Zeke must recapture as many animals as possible and rescue his sweetheart from the animals' clutches.

The game's main character, Zeke, later appeared in a family friendly version of Taito's mechanical game Ice Cold Beer called Zeke's Peak. In this game, Zeke is a mountain climber instead of a zookeeper.


In Zoo Keeper, the player's character, named Zeke, is a zoo keeper whose girlfriend, Zelda, has been kidnapped by a malicious monkey. To distract Zeke, the monkey has unlocked the cages in the zoo, allowing the animals to escape. The player must control Zeke to run, jump, build walls, and collect bonus items in an effort to recapture and contain the animals before finally rescuing Zelda.

The game is split into three different styles of play, all played on a single screen and all need completing to complete the game before starting again on an increased difficulty.

The first style of play sees a cage in the middle of the screen and a wall surrounding it with Zeke outside the perimeter. The animals come out of the cage and start to burrow through the wall and you have to run around the walls making new ones to fill the gaps made by the animals. If an animal escapes then it also moves around the outside of the wall and you must avoid it by running or jumping. If you touch one then you lose one of three lives. A net can be collected and this allows you to place the animals back inside the wall. To complete the screen you have to survive until a timer runs out.

The second style sees Zeke at the bottom of the screen and Zelda on the top held by a monkey. Five rows of platforms move across the screen above with gaps in between and you must guide Zeke upwards to the top of the screen while avoiding coconuts falling and bouncing downwards. If you touch a coconut then you lose a life.

The final style once again sees Zeke at the bottom of the screen and Zelda on the top of the screen with a couple of rows of platforms connected by two escalators. Animals run along the platforms and Zeke must run along them jumping over the animals to reach an escalator.

How to Play

Zoo Keeper features and 8-way joystick and a single jump button. Players find out right off that its a zoo in there and the

animals are eating their way out! Wherever Zeke the zookeeper runs along the wall, he replaces bricks which have been chomped

away. But the animals are swift and some inevitably escape. Zeke has to dodge or jump over them to survive while still frantically trying to rebuild the bricks. Bonus points are collected by grabbing watermelons, root beers, and other goodies along the way.

As the game progresses, Zeke equips a net to help catch and return the animals to their cages.

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