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New Date Added "An Evening With John Romero" Monday August 22nd

Missed out on the opportunity to meet John Romero first time? We got you covered!

Industry Legend John Romero Returns!

An Evening With John Romero *THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT*

Arcade Club Bury Monday 11th July

Hear industry legend John Romero discuss his career in the games industry followed by a once in a lifetime opportunity to Play Deathmatch with the Creator of Doom himself! 

Arcade Club Wins Arcade Wars!

And its all down to you!

We put the call out and boy did you answer! We’re very happy to announce that Arcade Club has won Arcade Wars for the month of August!

Dare You Enter..Dark Escape 4D!

A New Challenger to The House of the Dead Horror Shooter Crown

Something dark, sinister and outright terrifying has made its way onto the floor at Arcade Club Bury. Dark Escape 4D! This Namco frightfest has been a real hit with our visitors since joining the collection at Arcade Club Bury, and its easy to see why. The game bills itself as a 4D experience, achieved through a mixture of inventive technology housed into the cabinet itself. To start with the game is in 3d (glasses included, but can be played as a standard 2D game), but added to the mix are a combination of ambient real world triggers, vibrating seats, blasts of air, and plenty of heavy bass to make you see, hear and feel every scare!

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