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Halloween at Arcade Club

The Spookiest of Seasons hits Europe's largest arcade!

The leaves are turning, summer is in the rear view mirror and our calendars have flipped to October! That can mean only one thing, Halloween is round the corner! Join us as we take a look at some spooky classics in the land of arcade gaming!

Radiant Silvergun: A Masterpiece in the World of Shmups

In the vast and diverse realm of shoot 'em up games, there exists a title that has long been revered as a true masterpiece: Radiant Silvergun. Developed by Treasure and originally released in Japanese arcades in 1998, this game has since achieved legendary status among fans and critics alike. With its innovative gameplay mechanics, intricate storytelling, and timeless appeal, Radiant Silvergun stands as a strong contender for the title of the best shmup ever made.

The Beginning of a Fantastic Story!

Blowing Bubbles in the "Cave of Monsters"

Step into a world where bubbles are your best friends and popping them is the name of the game. Join us as we dive headfirst into the enchanting realm of Bubble Bobble, an arcade classic that captured hearts with its charming gameplay and iconic characters.

Journey Through the Cosmos

A First Encounter with Space Invaders

Do me a favour. Find someone, anyone, over the age of fifty years old and ask them a very simple question: What was the first video game you ever played?

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