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Christmas at Arcade Club

Step into Europes Largest Arcade this Christmas

Unwrap the Ultimate Christmas Party at Arcade Club! 

Tired of the same old holiday parties? Elevate your festive celebrations this year with an unforgettable Christmas experience at Arcade Club! 


Half Term at Arcade Club!

Extended Opening Hours!

As autumn half term creeps into view, we're happy to announce we're extended opening hours across the entire period, though dates do vary depending on location so be sure to check before you visit! 

Arcade Horrors Part Two: Dark Escape 4D

When it comes to horror games, there's a spectrum from eerie and unsettling to downright pants-soiling terror. Dark Escape 4D falls firmly into the latter category. This arcade gem takes fear to a whole new level, and not just because it's called "4D" – it's because it messes with your senses in ways you never imagined. Buckle up, or rather, scream your way into the spooky world of Dark Escape 4D.

Arcade Horrors Part One: Splatterhouse

Ladies and gentlemen, gamers of all ages, gather 'round as we embark on a journey through the gory, goofy, and gloriously over-the-top world of Splatterhouse. This iconic video game series has been drenching players in buckets of blood since its debut in the late '80s, and it's showing no signs of stopping. Grab your chainsaw, don your Jason Voorhees-inspired mask, and let's take a hilarious romp through this splatterfest of a game.

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