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The game has two sequences for each level. In the first sequence, you are a gorilla trying to draw boxes and you are being pursued by savages. During the second sequence, you play a paint roller trying to paint squares while being pursued by pigs.

  • 1981
  • Konami
  • 2 Players
  • Action
  • Available At
Todd Lamb holds the official record for this game with 19,225,030 points.


The basic premise of this classic arcade game is to accumulate points by completely painting the rectangles, collecting all coconuts and revealing the horizontal paths. There are actually two main protagonists in Amidar. The game switches between these two characters, depending on the number level that you are on. All players start off playing as the gorilla, which walks across the board picking up coconuts while evading angry looking tribesmen.

How to Play

The two playable characters in Amidar, an ape and a house painter, are referred to as Copier and Rustler, respectively. The opponents are called Amidars. In the game, you will see Amidars similar in appearance to pigs called Cattle. The Amidars that look like tribesmen are referred to as Police.

Come in contact with either one of the two enemy types and you will lose a life. The directional keys are used to avoid Amidars, and they also serve as the main controls in this game. All characters travel along the lines that make up the rectangular shaped screen boundaries.

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