Hot Rod

* Exciting Racing Game *

It allows up to four players simultaneously, and the player competes in races with three other cars. It is possible to upgrade the car at a Parts Shop.

The game runs off floppy disk – including for saving scores!


During races the track scrolls to follow the current race leader. If the last-placed driver falls too far behind the leader and allows the scrolling area to catch up with them, their car is automatically transported further up the track, resulting in a fuel penalty.

There are always four cars competing in each race, with computer-controlled cars replacing any positions not filled by human players. Any driver finishing in the Top three is awarded bonus points, with the amount determined on whether they finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd. These points can be used to buy car upgrades in the garage shop that appears at the end of every race. The upgrades available are; engine, tyre, wing and bumper. These affect speed, handling and durability. Particular attention should be paid to tyre choice, as different tyres are suited to specific race surfaces, with the next stage's surface being visible as the car enters the garage. Players can equip either a front or rear engine but not both at once. It is also impossible to have a spoiler and a rear engine equipped simultaneously.

How to Play

At the end of each stage, as your car enters the garage shop; keep an eye of the section of track that lies in the direction your car will be heading once it has left the garage. This gives a clue as to what type of surface will be raced upon next, allowing the player to buy suitable tyres should the need arise.

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