Make 'em talk, Bob

Join Officer Bob on a very politically-incorrect, never-ending quest to meet his daily quota by arresting hitchhikers, litterbugs, honkers, dopers, speeders, assaulters, murderers, and the A.P.B.'s themselves..

  • 1 Player
  • Action
The game had a development span of three years, which was highly unusual for an arcade game of the 1980s.


The overhead view of Officer Bob's police car scrolls in every direction. Catch wanted criminals and force them to confess. Eat doughnuts for extra time, avoid demerits and be sure to meet your quota of arrests!

How to Play

Officer Bob starts each day at one of several police stations in the area. His daily quota is presented and you must use a targeting crosshair to arrest offenders by tapping the appropriate amount of times (or shoot them if you have the gun) to arrest them. Time and fuel are limited so you need to find donut huts and stands or donuts lying off the beaten path to extend your time and gas pads or tow trucks to get more gas. Once you have met your quota, scores are doubled for each subsequent arrest. Return to the station before time/gas runs out for a bonus.

Once inside all arcade games are Free to Play!

Available On

Bury Floor Three

Classic Arcade

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