Asteroids Deluxe

The Hot One's Even Hotter!

Pilot a spaceship equipped with shields and auto-fire as you blast through level after level of rotating asteroids. UFOs and multi-segmented Killer Satellites take chase, searching for an opportunity to destroy your ship.

  • 1981
  • Atari
  • 2 Players
  • Shooter
Although the attract screen claims a 1980 copyright, the game was officially introduced in March of 1981.


Asteroids Deluxe features modified gameplay intentionally designed to challenge players who had mastered the original Asteroids.

Atari added extra challenge to the game by introducing the "Killer Satellite" or "Hexagon", a snowflake-like object which breaks into three ship-chasing "Diamonds" once hit. Each diamond in turn can break into two "Sharks" or "Wedges" they resemble the dorsal fin of a shark which also pursue the players' ship. Overall a much more difficult game than the original Asteroids.

How to Play

Hyperspace was replaced with a new option called "shields", which creates a protective barrier around the players' ship. This barrier is only effective when the button is depressed and held unlike hyperspace, and depletes with use also unlike hyperspace. The players' ship was redesigned to include two side fins and a narrower body, keeping the overall ship dimensions identical to the original game.

Firing is automatic, holding down the fire button will release a maximum of four shots on screen at a time.

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