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A puzzle game where seven different types of blocks continuously fall from above and you must arrange them to make horizontal rows of bricks

  • 1988
  • Atari
  • 2 Players
  • Puzzle
  • Available At
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was an avid Tetris player since the Game Boy's release. He got so good that he sent his scores to Nintendo Power multiple times, and always got the highest score. Eventually, Nintendo Power stopped publishing his name in the magazine. He then sent his name backwards (Evets Kainzow) in, which was then accepted and published..

How to Play

You must arrange bricks to form rows without the 'wall' getting too high, or it's game over. You can rotate bricks so that they fit into the wall and once a row is complete it will disappear, thus lowering the wall. Eliminated rows will lower the number of lines you need to complete a level. Bricks fall faster in the higher levels and sometimes there are already bricks in the field that block your path. Often, when you try to make a Tetris four rows of lines that are removed at once, you end up waiting a long time for the long red brick the only way of completing a Tetris.

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