Be careful around the drain!

Player controls a soap bubble in the kitchen sink, roaming about and mopping up crumbs, ants, and greasies. Watch out for the razor blades and roaches!

  • 1982
  • Williams
  • 2 Players
  • Action
The DuraMold cabinet used for Bubbles was a round cabinet made completely out of thick plastic. This was an experiment in making an indestructible arcade cabinet that would last forever.


.Your job is to run over the ants, crumbs, and greasies while avoiding razor blades, roaches, brushes, and sponges. As you roll over any of the aforementioned group, the bubble will grow and eventually sprout a pair of eyes and a mouth. Once you crack a smile you are permitted to bump both brushes and sponges.

How to Play

Razor blades must always be avoided. The roaches can only be killed with a broom. You must get the cleaning lady in order to get a broom. Shortly after the beginning of each round she will pop up out of the drain. To arm yourself with the broom you must touch the bubble to the bristles. But you must not come into contact with any part of the cleaning lady or your character will swallow the broom. So be careful.

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