Race and chase into Video Excitement!

Join "Jumpin' John" as he goes cruisin' up the road bumping, jumping, and smashing cars

  • 1982
  • Data East
  • 2 Players
  • Racing
  • Available At
There exists a bootleg of this game known as "Car Action".


Aside from the cars, you must avoid the sides of the road, breaks in the road which are usually over water, and rocks in the road which can sometimes be dumped by certain vehicles. Each level is based on a season Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter except the first level which seems to have no name. After Winter, it cycles back to Spring again with each level becoming successively harder.

How to Play

The joystick controls the movement and speed of the car. By increasing speed, you not only go faster, but you get the ability to jump after your speed passes 100. The faster you go, the better control the car seems to have. Your car's speed tops out at 220. The big breaks in the road are signalled by a warning exclamation point sign that flashes at the top center of the screen and beeps. Be prepared to jump when you see this. Bumping the cars around you will bounce you in the opposite direction of the bump and can also speed or slow you down based on that direction. The faster your car goes, the less control you seem to lose.

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