Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! 2

"basically the best game ever."

Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! is an arcade game where you get angry and flip a table. The table is the controller. You slap it hard to get the attention of people, then flip it upwards to send the in-game table flying.

Chabudai gaeshi is a Japanese phrase meaning to flip [the] chabudai. It describes the act of violently upending a chabudai as an expression of anger, frustration, and disapproval. Chabudai gaeshi may also figuratively describe an analogous outburst and upheaval.


The game offers various scenarios to choose from. Using the plastic table peripheral, the player has sixty seconds to pound their hands on the top of the table and flip it. Flipping over the table results in objects going on the floor and bystanders being sent flying , resulting in points.

How to Play

Pounding your hands on the table stuns all the onlookers, try and use this to line up as many as possible before you flip the table for maximum points.

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