Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX

WARNING! A Huge Battleship is approaching fast!

It is now 1910 D.C., and repairs on the hyperspace network have begun to reconnect the pockets of humanity scattered across the vast reaches of space. Combat data transmitted from Darius soon sees Burst equipped Silver Hawk fighters constructed in every inhabited galaxy. The stage is set for mankind’s grand counteroffensive. A team of heroes takes wing, flying into battle and the pages of history.


The cabinet uses a double wide screen format like the first Darius games but now with 2 32 LCD screens given the widescreen look with angled glass. It also is the first and only Darius game that supports four players simultaneously. The game was built around coop play powerups are shared as well as lives.

How to Play

The game also makes use of a Burst Laser which can dispatch large groups of enemies in two ways. The player can either hold down the Burst button for a short but powerful blast or by double tapping the button they can lay down a Fixed burst laser you can independently control. With practice the fixed burst becomes a very helpful component in the game.

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