Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

I'm a fighter

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate (also known as DOA5 Ultimate) is an expanded version of Dead or Alive 5. It includes the new features from Dead or Alive 5+, as well as new/returning characters and stages.

  • 2013
  • Team Ninja
  • 2 Players
  • Fighting
  • Available At
Dead or Alive 5 is featured in a Guinness World Record - "The fastest defeat of a computer opponent in Dead or Alive 5 (Team Ninja, 2012)" was 10.61 seconds and was achieved by Phil Joseph at Hoxton Gallery, London, UK, on August 21, 2012


Two years after the events of the fourth Dead or Alive World Combat Championship, Helena Douglas has taken full control of the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee from the devious Victor Donovan and is re-building the company for the better. To inform the world of the return of DOATEC, Helena has made plans with Zack to host the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament and put on a show no one will forget.

However, the threats of the past have not gone away: Donovan is still continuing his research for Project Alpha with his new organisation MIST, and Kasumi is on the quest to take down her weaponised clone, Alpha-152, once and for all.

How to Play

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate follows similar controls to the previous DOA releases. Players move their fighter with an 8-way joystick and have a combination of 6 buttons which can be used in a series of combinations to initiate special attacks & moves.

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