A cunning game of fowl play!

Mama bluejay, "Flicky", must collect her chicks and lead them home. Watch out for the two cats who will send your chicks wandering aimlessly about or eat you if caught.

  • Sega
  • 2 Players
  • Action
According to game artist Yoshiki Kawasaki, Flicky is just a friend to the Chirps although some players may think she is a mother to them.


Flicky is a platform game in which the player takes control of a flightless blue bird named Flicky. With only the ability to run side-to-side and jump, the player must collect all the small, yellow birds called "Chirps" and take them to the exit to clear each round.

How to Play

Collected Chirps will disperse if the their chain comes in contact with an enemy. Some of the chirps wear sunglasses; these chirps behave more unpredictably when dispersed. There are two enemy types in the standard rounds, house cats called Tigers and green iguanas called Iggys. These enemies can be simply avoided but can also be defeated with throwable items available on some levels.

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