Terra Cresta

Moon Cresta Strikes Back.

This is the game that takes all of your senses to the OUTER LIMITS!!

  • 1985
  • HAMSTER Corporation
  • 2 Players
  • Shooter


The player controls a ship, initially with limited firepower. Numbered pods appear containing further parts of the ship that will increase firepower. These additional parts combine with the player's ship to increase its firepower, and the final module transforms it into a fiery phoenix which is invulnerable for a certain period of time. Once the ship has multiple sections, the player may also split it, allowing it to fire in multiple directions.

How to Play

Shoot silos on ground numbered 2 to 5 to release another ship part which attaches to increase firepower. Parts are 2-Wider shot, 3-Rear Shot, 4-Front cannon and 5-Rear shield.

Using the Phoenix button splits ship parts into a formation for limited time given increased fire power. The number of parts determines the formation e.g. if you have picked up two parts then a triangle is formed with your ship at the back and the other two in front.

When collect all four parts you become a glowing indestructible Phoenix for a limited time.

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