Mad Planets


The player controls a spaceship which can be moved and rotated independently to fend off angry planets and moons attacking from all directions

  • 1983
  • Gottlieb
  • 2 Players
  • shooter
Approximately 1,500 units were produced.


In Mad Planets, the player takes control of a spaceship and must attempt to destroy a series of Earth-like planets which emerge from the center of the screen and rapidly move towards the player's ship - increasing in size as they do so. Destroying all of the planets in a round before the they reach their full scale will see the player awarded with bonus points. Fully-grown planets are orbited by a number of small moons, which, if destroyed, cause the planet to go 'mad' - turning red and making a beeline for the player's ship. The game also includes bonus rounds in which stranded astronauts can be rescued for additional points.

How to Play

The player uses a flight-style joystick to move a spaceship around a dark starfield, a rotary knob to orient the ship, and a trigger on the stick to fire. At the beginning of a level, planets appear and begin growing. They can be destroyed prior to their reaching full size and sprouting moons. If a wave is completed by destroying all planets before they reach full size, a substantial bonus is awarded. Once a planet has moons, it is shielded until all its moons have been destroyed or launched at the player's ship, at which point the planet becomes angry and charges the player.

Floating astronauts appear in mini bonus rounds after every third level (every fourth after level twelve). They can be collected by flying over them. Orbiting comets accelerate the longer they go without being shot. Comets increase in value by 100 points, to a maximum of 1000, until a comet leaves the screen or the level ends.

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