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Make trax to Williams

The player controls a paintbrush to paint paths within a maze. The player is harassed by two fish which can be temporarily destroyed by running them over with a one of two paint rollers located near the maze centre.

  • 2 Player
  • Action


The objective of this game is to paint the entire maze. As the maze is being painted, two devilish little fish form in the aquarium and take chase after the paintbrush. If they overtake the brush, a new one will have to be used. Your only defense against these deadly little fish are the paintrollers that you can use to roll over them.

How to Play

The player must finish painting blank patterns in the maze with color as two tail-swishing goldfish jump out of an aquarium and chase the paintbrush, trying to force it to paint itself into a corner. As the game progresses, the deadly goldfish get smarter and trickier. They seem to anticipate the player's every move. These goldfish chase the paintbrush, then turn and run away. They even plot to close in on the brush from opposite ends of the path. The player has to try to outmaneuver the goldfish or make it to one of the overpasses, grab the paintroller, which waits for it there, and roll over the goldfish. This sends the goldfish back to the aquarium. The player gets a score, which doubles progressively for each fish it sends back to the aquarium.

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