Moon Patrol



Wanted: Hotshots to troubleshoot on the moon

The player takes the role of a Luna City police officer assigned to Sector Nine, home of the toughest thugs in the galaxy.

  • 2 Player
  • Shooter
Moon Patrol was one of the earliest linear side-scrolling shoot-em-ups and the first game to feature parallax scrolling.


Your vehicle across the rugged lunar terrain is a specially designed moon buggy. It comes with six wheels on three specially mounted axles that contain especially absorbent shocks which allow the buggy to glide across the uneven landscape of the moon. The wheels of the buggy can be utilised to create short hops, which allow the buggy to jump over pits and other hazardous obstacles that can't be removed in time. It is also equipped with a roof mounted gun for anti-air fire and a forward mounted cannon. The anti-air gun can fire up to four bullets on the screen at one time, while the cannon can only project one bullet at a time. The buggy is destroyed by impact with an obstacle, getting hit by alien craft bombs, or falling into a lunar pit.

How to Play

The object is to complete the varying legs of the patrol course as quickly as you can while avoiding rocks, craters, mines, and attacks from enemy craft. Your buggy has two guns: a short-range cannon that fires ahead of you and an anti-aircraft gun that fires upwards. You can use the cannon to blast away rocks that block your progress. Most rocks will crumble in one hit, but large ones need two hits. There are also tiny rocks that can only be destroyed with precision shooting otherwise, you will have to jump it.

Your on-screen display has three indicator lights to warn you of approaching danger.

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