Puzzle Uo Poko

Lots of fish!

Uotaro is a very gourmet cat. One day he hears rumours of a dish that he can only eat at a legendary restaurant called "Ryuugi castle ." However, even upon reaching Ryuugi castle, it is impossible to eat food as it is. He will have to procure ingredients by himself from near seas. He and his sister Shoko board their prototype submarine, and thus, the deep-sea adventure began.

  • 1998
  • Cave
  • 2 Players
  • Puzzle
  • Available At
Uo Poko was Cave's first arcade game that wasn't not a shooter.


Puzzle Uo Poko is a visual matching game in which one player or two co-operative players (represented by cats) try to clear the screen of coloured bubbles in order to progress to the next level. All the action takes place underwater and with each completed level the cats travel deeper in their submarine.

How to Play

Your cat pulls down a chain which is connected to a plunger, similar to the ones found in pinball machines. Release it and a small sphere is propelled upwards and into a playing field full of similar multicoloured spheres. When you match up three or more spheres of the same colour they turn into air bubbles and vanish. Clear all spheres in a stage to move on to the next one.

By varying the spring compression you can control the amount of force used to launch the spheres, and thus the point where they will land in the playing field.

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