Star Wars Trilogy Arcade



May the Force be with you, again!

Star Wars Trilogy Arcade is a first-person rail shooter game that allows players to relive the major battles of the original three Star Wars films. Gameplay encompasses both vehicular combat as well as fighting on foot, and in two bonus stages, lightsaber duels.

  • 1 Player
  • Shooter


The gameplay has two main themes: reenactments from each of the first three Star Wars movies, consisting of two missions each; and two boss battles against Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

At the start of the game, you choose one of three different missions, each from a different film in the original trilogy. Each selectable mission consists of a few stages; after you finish all stages, you may choose another mission. After you finish two missions, you enter a bonus round of lightsaber combat. After you finish the third mission, you enter another lightsaber combat round, and then you take on a fourth two-stage mission from Return of the Jedi.

How to Play

Movement through the levels is automatic and a joystick is used to move crosshairs for targeting and shooting at TIE fighters, walkers, stormtroopers and wampas. In some parts of the game (as indicated by a symbol), the event button can be used to summon help from allies, like fellow X-Wing pilots or Ewoks. The player character is equipped with an energy shield. Taking hits (by not taking out enemies fast enough) reduces the shield; once it is gone the next hit costs a life. The amount of damage taken is determined by the force rating.

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