Amazing paperboy delivers!

The object of the game is to deliver newspapers to all the "customer" houses on the street. There are also black "non-customer" houses which do not require newspaper deliveries. You must deliver the papers by throwing them onto the door mats or into the mail boxes.

  • 1 Player
  • Shooter
If you ride too slowly along your paper route, a swarm of killer bees starts chasing you. (These bees later reappeared in the skateboarding video game 720, accompanied by the ominous mandate "SKATE OR DIE!")


On each street, there is a wide variety of obstacles that you must avoid: people, dogs, cats, moving cars, pot holes, kids on skateboards, elderly women pushing shopping carts, men on unicycles, radio-controlled toy vehicles and so on.

How to Play

You can throw newspapers to damage property of a "non-customer" house to score points but if you damage property of a "customer" house, that house will have it's subscription cancelled before the following day and it will become a "non-customer" house, the same thing will happen if you do not deliver a paper to that house at all. You can also throw your papers to knock out certain people like paving-construction workers, men in shabby clothes, break-dancers, one of two men fighting each other, burglars, angry men who start chasing you and so on.

Your supply of papers is limited, so you must ride your bike over a stack of newpapers that occasionally appears on the sidewalk to replenish your supply. If you ride your bike too slowly, a swarm of bees will chase you and force you to ride faster. After you have completed your delivery run on the first row of houses, you must cross the street to get to the next row while avoiding speeding cars or motorcycles.

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