Super Bishi Bashi Championship

Bishi Bashi (ビシバシチャンプ Bishi Bashi Chanpu) is one in a series of Konami arcade games and PlayStation games. All games in the series comprise playing through a wide variety of competitive minigames against other players

  • 1998
  • Konami
  • 2 Players
  • Action


Each game in the compilation contains mini games, some are loosely based around arcade classics such as Breakout ("Car Destroyer) and Pac-Man ("Super Gulper"). Other games, such as "Perm-Mania," in which the player plays as a dancer and has to keep in time with the rhythm to make his dancer's afro hairstyle grow, and "Jump for the Meat", in which the player plays a bodybuilder on a pogo-stick who has to jump high in order to grab a piece of meat, appear to be more original creations.

How to Play

The arcade game controls are very simple; each player has a red, green and blue button, positioned left, centre and right respectively. Each minigame explains its controls before play commences.

Once inside all arcade games are Free to Play!

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