Tank! Tank! Tank!

Blast your stress away!

Get behind the wheel of a tank. Team up and take on the giant monsters or go head-to-head in a 4-way free for all!

  • 2009
  • Namco Bandai
  • 4 Players
  • Third Person Shooter


The player controls a tank and shoots monsters with ammunition. A player's photo is taken with a nearby camera (dubbed the NamCam) and is used as an avatar to identify each player's tank. Each level contains destructible elements and weapons range from a plasma bolt to a machine gun. Accessories can be added to the avatars, such as military helmets and wrestling masks. Collateral damage against the city background is encouraged in addition to dealing damage to the monsters that inhabit the game. Players can either divide themselves into two rival teams, team up to fight the monsters in a cooperative manner, or fight against each other.

How to Play

Get behind the wheel of a tank and take on your foes. Players have a pedal to accelerate and reverse whilst aiming and steering with the wheel. Players can pick up a range of weapon power ups which are automatically activated whilst firing with the shoot button on the steering wheel. The more damage and destruction caused results in a higher score.

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