Up to 4 players can compete

Take cover behind your castle walls, and head off an onslaught of enemy fire while trying to destroy them first.

The prototype version of Warlords was called "Castles and Kings”.


Warlords uses spinner controllers for player control, and came in both an upright 2 player version and a 4 player cocktail version. The upright version uses a black and white monitor, and reflects the game image onto a mirror, with a backdrop of castles, giving the game a 3D feel. The upright version only supports up to two simultaneous players, which move through the levels as a team. The cocktail version is in color, and supports 1-4 players. 3-4 player games are free-for-all's where the game ends as soon as one player wins. 1-2 player games play identical to the upright version.

How to Play

Each player takes a corner of the screen and needs to protect their castle with a small shield. The dragon launches a fireball which ricochets around the screen bashing away the castle walls unless deflected by another player. The fireball can be redirected as it’s hit or caught by holding the start button and re-launched on release. The game is over when only one castle remains.

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