Lets go on a world tour

After Turbo Outrun's departure from Out Run's laid-back, charming atmosphere, fans wanted a game that captured the spirit of the original. OutRunners succeeded in doing this; it brought back the ability to take different paths through forks in the road, returned to a lighthearted atmosphere, and distanced itself well from the "serious" Turbo Outrun.

  • 8 Player
  • Racing
The name of the DJ (Jake Elwood) is a combination of the names of the main characters (Joliet 'Jake' and 'Elwood' Blues) in the 1980 film The Blues Brothers.


All of the selectable cars in OutRunners are fictional convertibles, but bear resemblance to real automobiles. Notably, the Speed Buster closely resembles the Ferrari Testarossa featured in the original OutRun. Each car has its own set of a driver and passenger character, and have their own unique ending vignette if the player makes it to a goal. Each character set also has their own way of acting when their car crashes, but unlike their OutRun counterparts, they always land right back in the car and keep going without stopping.

How to Play

Like the original OutRun, the journey in OutRunners contains many forks in the road, leading to one of ten possible endings. Players all begin at the same location, but are given a choice whether they want to take the eastern or the western routes. Some areas are repeated for both sides, though it is impossible to visit the same location twice in one outing..

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