Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo



Puzzle games just developed an attitude.

Puzzle Fighter is a puzzle game which is inspired by the Capcom arcade game Pnickies and Sega arcade game Baku Baku Animal. As in that game, the player controls pairs of blocks that drop into a pit-like playfield..

  • 2 Player
  • Puzzle


During the game, super-deformed or "Chibi" versions of various characters from Capcom's two main fighting game series (Street Fighter and Darkstalkers), will act out a comical battle based on how the game is going. Every time one player sends Counter Gems to his or her opponent, his or her character will perform a typical fighting-game action, anything from a taunt to a special move.

How to Play

Gems can be eliminated by coming into contact with a Crash Gem of the same colour, which eliminates all adjacent gems of that colour, setting up the potential for huge chain reactions.

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