The House of the Dead

You must stop Curien. Or else something terrible will happen.

The renowned biochemist and geneticist Roy Curien becomes obsessed with discovering the nature of life and death. Curien's behavior becomes more erratic and his experiments take a gruesome turn. The Curien Mansion in Europe, which serves as his home and laboratory, experiences an outbreak. AMS Agent Thomas Rogan his partner "G" fly to Europe and arrive at the estate, finding it overrun with undead creatures.

  • 1997
  • Sega
  • 2 Players
  • Gun Game
If the player rescues all hostages, a secret room full of lives and bonuses is revealed toward the end of the game.


The House of the Dead is a rail shooter light gun game. Players use a light gun to aim and shoot at approaching zombies, reloading by aiming off the screen and firing. When a player sustains damage or shoots a hostage, one point of health is removed. The continue screen appears when all health is lost. If the player runs out of continues, the game is over. The game does not follow a linear storyline and user decisions and scores influence the outcome of the game.

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