Video Pinball

The excitement of pinball, the popularity of video...

A video version of a classic pinball game. The playfield is mounted to the top of a cabinet and its image is reflected off of a mirror. A video pinball is then displayed onto the image of the playfield.

  • 1978
  • Atari
  • 4 Players
  • Digital Pinball


The original Video Pinball was an upright arcade cabinet. A mirror reflected video images of the pinball, flippers, and targets over a printed background. Pushing down on the control panel simulated a nudge on screen, and up to four players could play at once.

How to Play

The control panel extends outward, decorated with a 40's-esque hand indicating where to press the start button. The flipper controls are on the left and right sides of the control panel and the panel itself has a spring that allows the player to push down on it for a nudge effect. A plunger is located at the front of the panel.

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