Donkey Kong Jr

Fate has turned the tables on the inimitable Donkey Kong

Mario has captured Donkey Kong and placed him in a cage as punishment for kidnapping his girlfriend Pauline. Donkey Kong Jr. must rescue his father from Mario by working his way through a series of four screens.

The game later spawned a cereal which featured fruit-flavoured cereal pieces shaped like bananas and cherries. Donkey Kong Jr. is shown on the box wearing a red shirt with a big yellow J printed on the front.


The game's basic concept is the same as Donkey Kong except the good guys and bad guys have changed places. The player controls Donkey Kong Junior, a small ape who must rescue his father, Donkey Kong, from his nemesis Mario.

How to Play

Like its Donkey Kong predecessor, Donkey Kong Jr. is an arcade-style platform game. There are a total of four stages, each with a unique theme. DK Jr. can run left and right, jump, and grab vines/chains/ropes to climb higher on the screen. He can slide down faster by holding only one vine, or climb faster by holding two.

DK Jr. loses a life when he touches any enemy or projectile, falls too great a distance, or falls off the bottom of the screen. Additionally, he loses a life if the bonus timer counts down to zero. The game ends when the player loses all of his or her lives.

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