Food Fight



Eat the Cone!

As Charley Chuck, you hurl piles of food at your foes, the four crazy chefs, but make sure you eat the ice-cream cone before it melts.

  • 2 Player
  • Action
An upright version of the game appears in the movie "Real Genius"


Food Fight hero, Charley Chuck, gets points by eating his ice cream cone before it melts. To do this, he must fight off Oscar, Angelo, Jacques, and Zorba, the four mean-looking chefs who rise from holes and throw food at him.

How to Play

Charley must not be caught by a chef, get hit by food thrown by a chef or walk onto an open hole or else he is a goner.

On some stages, the food that Charley can throw at the chefs include peas, tomatoes, bananas and pies each in piles. On these stages, the supplies are limited, so you must try to use whatever you can to throw at the crazy chefs before they run out.

Whenever Charley makes a direct hit at a chef, the chef is temporarily stunned.

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