"A piano game for those who do not play piano"

スタルジア (romanized as NOSTALGIA) is a piano based touch music game released by KONAMI. Although Nostalgia was not advertised as a BEMANI game at first, it was later added to the BEMANI family of games

  • 2017
  • Konami
  • 1 Player
  • Rhythm
According to sound director Jun Wakita, Nostalgia is meant to be both a "piano game for those who do not play piano" and "a BEMANI game for those who do not play BEMANI".


The game features a simple piano controller placed just below the screen. As notes descend on the screen, the player must hit the corresponding portion of the controller in time with the notes. The player does not need to hit the exact key; as long as the key pressed is within the width of the note, it will count as a note hit.

How to Play

Notes with a red hue are meant to be hit with the right hand, while notes with a blue hue are meant to be hit with the left hand. Certain songs will "suggest" that players cross their hands over.

Besides the basic notes, there are three types of special notes

Tenuto: A long note, much like hold notes on other BEMANI games.

Glissando: A slide note across several keys.

Trill: Similar in appearance to a tenuto note, it has to be hit with two adjacent keys on a quick sucession.

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