Quick & Crash



Real Shooting Game

Take the gun from its holster and test your skill in Namco’s REAL mechanical shooting gallery, Quick and Crash! You’ll rank well if you can smash the cup with time and bullets to spare. Watch your aim, do your best and try to get a fast time!

  • 1 Player
  • Gun Game
So it can be safely enjoyed, Quick and Crash uses light-sensor technology. It does not use real bullets.


Quick and Crash is a quick draw shooting game released by Namco in 1999. Taking influence from the vintage mechanical shooting galleries of an older era, it brings the experience up-to-date with light-sensor technology, state-of-the-art audio and visual illusions.

The aim is to shoot targets in the quickest possible time after the gun is drawn. Moving bullseye targets appear in random positions and in different quantities depending on the level. The final target is a plastic cup, which smashes dramatically to end the round.

As well as showing the player’s current time, the cabinet also houses a dot matrix display with dynamic messaging that makes the game feel more responsive. This, coupled with the tactile element of drawing the gun from its holster and the added dimension afforded by real targets, is what separates Quick and Crash from other virtual, though no less fun, shooting games like Point Blank.

A round of Quick and Crash is short and best enjoyed in small groups as players challenge each other for the fastest time. Its carnival-like simplicity and “do your best” Namco audio commentary, transports players back to a time in the amusements when life was carefree and the targets were plastic.

How to Play

You have 20 shots.

Set the gun in the holster.

Draw the gun from holster to START!

Clear the rounds and shoot all the targets successfully, then finally smash the cup.


Always handle the guns with care.

Speed and accuracy will give a better score, be quick off the draw.

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