Quick & Crash



Real Shooting Game

Test your skill with 4 quick fire rounds of a real mechanical shooting gallery. Scored to the thousandth of a second, Quick & Crash is great to play in small groups. Can you get the fastest time?

  • 1 Player
  • Gun Game


"Quick Crash" is a novelty shooting gallery that tests player accuracy and reflexes to the limit. It's a throwback to the mechanical shooting games of the past with a few futuristic twists. The game keeps detailed records so players can see how they rank against the previous players and continue to track their current ranking.

How to Play

Between every round you must re-holster/put the gun back into the slot. The game gives you instructions to draw, and then the next stage begins as soon as you draw. So it's not your standard target game like any of the multiple Police Trainer or Point Blank games, as it adds the speed element by having you draw.

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Available On

Floor Two

Modern Arcade

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