Satan’s Hollow


Bally Midway

Battle Satan's Hordes in the Chasm of Fire

The Dark Scrolls warn of the perils of Satan's hollow. He, the Prince of Darkness, reigns over an infernal underworld so abhorrent, the grotesque gargoyles who safeguard his lair cower at his clovenhoofed approach. 'Tis he who rules surpremely his domain, by twisted swirls of flame and obediant creatures so wretched, no mortal dareth traverse the Bridge of Death crossing the River of Fire. Beware him. He is darkness, he is the omnipotent demon Lucifer, he is SATAN OF THE HOLLOW

  • 1 Player
  • Shooter


Defeat the menacing gargoyles who swarm down in formation and attack, battle the egg droppers who release flaming eggs of fire and bombers who seek to destroy the unfinished bridge and avoid the deadly flaming breath of Satan's head, who grows larger each passing second! Destroy the swarming gargoyles and win bridge pieces one-by-one. Build the bridge and cross into the valley to battle Satan himself.

How to Play

Take aim using a control grip with fire trigger. Use the protective shield to defend and destroy all enemies! Complete the final conflict and add barrels to your ship for additional fire power!

Once inside all arcade games are Free to Play!

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