The Real Ghostbusters


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Who you gonna call?

Adapted from the animated cartoon of the same name. Up to three players, each controlling a Ghostbuster, must run around a top-down universal scrolling terrain, shoot creatures and then try to suck up ghosts with their proton packs.

  • 3 Player
  • Shooter
Although the game uses the name of The Real Ghostbusters, its relation to the animated series is superficial at best. In fact, it's known as completely different game in Japan called Meikyū Hunter G, which almost looks and plays alike.

How to Play

The player controls a Ghostbuster, who has 10 levels full of ghosts to clear up. This is done by first shooting the ghosts using a gun, and then by using a photon beam to suck them in for storage in the backpack. Photon recharges can be collected, as can the potential for an improved shot, as well as a shield. The Ghostbusters mascot Slimer also appears as a power-up, which hovers around the player's character killing ghosts on contact.

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