Special Criminal Investigation

You have the powers to blow their doors off... Its called a .44 Magnum!

Also known simply as S.C.I. is a 1989 arcade game published by Taito and is the sequel to the 1988 original Chase H.Q.

Instead of the black Porsche 928 of the first game, the player commands a red example of the just-introduced (at the time) Nissan 300ZX Z32 T-Top Turbo.


The game brings back protagonists Tony Gibson and Det. Raymond Broady of the first game, and their second game appearance. Broady has taken over the driver's seat this time, while Gibson rides shotgun.

How to Play

Unlike the first game, the player is able to fire at offending vehicles, with some cabinets containing buttons on the steering wheel, and others having a fire button on the gearshift, along with a button to activate the nitrous boost.

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